We're back home since a few days and still with heads full of great memories from the Hammer Of Doom festival last weekend. NOMAD SON gave an amazing show last Friday and showed how dynamic and sometimes uptempo doom can be - but that was not a surprise for us, as it was already the 10th time we saw them on stage! They're a true force to be reckoned with!

NOMAD SON at Hammer Of Doom festival

We started selling the vinyl version of NOMAD SON's second album "The Eternal Return", as well as our brand new CD releases: BATTLERAGE "True Metal Victory" and OUTRAGE "Go To Hell" at the festival on October 28th. You can order all of them from our SHOP page as regular or tin-case editions. The albums will be also available as digital downloads from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic and other digital stores starting from next week.

NOMAD SON "The Eternal Return" gatefold LP

BATTLERAGE and OUTRAGE Special Tin Case Editions

By the way, NOMAD SON "First Light" CD and T-shirts are completely SOLD OUT from our end - and we have ONLY 8 "First Light" LPs left! The CD is still available from some distributors and merchants though, for example from the German mailorders: Metalizer, Hellion Records and Cyclone Empire and from Belgian LSP/Metalzone.

Also, we have only 5 copies (out of 20 produced) of OUTRAGE "Go To Hell - Demo(n)s - 1985-1987" tape left, so if you're a REAL die-hard old school metal maniac, hurry up 'cause we won't make any more copies of it! Additionally, we have 8 T-shirts of OUTRAGE "Go To Hell" in stock (they were made by the band) - you can purchase one for 10,00 Euro (sizes M, L and XL are available, but they're quite big for European standard - they're more like American sizes).



OUTRAGE banner


Chilean heavy metal barbarians BATTLERAGE come back with a brand new studio album, titled "True Metal Victory", their 3rd CD to be released by Metal On Metal Records. It will see the light of day on October 28th, together with OUTRAGE "Go To Hell" CD and NOMAD SON "The Eternal Return" LP. All releases will be available directly from our stand at the Hammer Of Doom festival in Wuerzburg (Germany). Like mentioned before, we won't be able to start shipping orders before November 3rd.

Those who know previous albums of
BATTLERAGE, will know what to expect (and those who don't, shouldn't have doubts either, even just by looking at the album title): gruff vocals, pummeling drums, thundering bass and killer riffs, as well as some tasteful solos. BATTLERAGE still deliver fist pounding attacks in the vein of GRAVE DIGGER and PARAGON, as well as epic anthems reminiscent of early MANOWAR and OMEN. Epic, raw and honest heavy metal from the most prominent Chilean band playing this style ever since their formation in 2002.

You can listen to 2 songs from
"True Metal Victory" album from our player: "Warlock's Epitaph" and "My Will Be Done". Additionally, you can check out a 3rd song, titled "Raw Metal" from the band's MySpace page. And here is the track list of "True Metal Victory":
1. Battlepath
2. Return Of The Axeman
3. Blood On Iron
4. Raw Metal
5. Black Sunday (La Maschera Del Demonio)
6. The Serpent Slumbers
7. Stygia
8. My Will Be Done
9. Warlock's Epitaph

BATTLERAGE True Metal Victory album cover

BATTLERAGE "True Metal Victory" album cover

The cover artwork for "True Metal Victory" was painted by Jowita Kaminska.
Until November 3rd you can pre-order
BATTLERAGE "True Metal Victory" from our SHOP page. It's available as a regular or special tin-case edition with 2 photos. With this pre-order you will get a download link for "Living Slaughter" live album recorded in 2004 (and released on tape only by Morbillus Records in 2008) as a FREE BONUS!

BATTLERAGE True Metal Victory pre-order

BATTLERAGE "True Metal Victory" pre-order

Don't forget to check out also this promo clip which features a fragment of one of the songs from
"True Metal Victory" CD, "Return Of The Axeman" on our Metal On Metal Records' Channel


The 6th full-length album of the German black/thrash metal veterans OUTRAGE "Go To Hell" will be available since October 28th, Hammer Of Doom festival in Wuerzburg (Germany), where we'll have a small table space to sell our releases. So if you're there and would like to buy this (or any other of our releases) just come up to our stand! We will begin shipping orders starting from November 3rd though.

"Go To Hell" consists of songs written by OUTRAGE in their early days, between 1983 and 1987. This raw, primitive (but not sloppy) old school metal album is a throwback to their roots and was recorded with a lot of the original equipment, effects and techniques they used back then. If you are a fanatic of '80s thrash and first wave of black metal (not the kind of black metal that came later, grim, with blast beats and screechy vocals and especially NOT the symphonic style) and you love bands like VENOM, HELLHAMMER, early CELTIC FROST and SODOM or FLAMES, this album of OUTRAGE is an essential addition to your collection!

Here's what Udo "The Bringer of Doom" (band's founder, songwriter and guitarist) said:
"Recording those same old songs which I had probably played more than a hundred times was absolutely exciting to me. During the recording there was a strange voice inside my head (I think it was Jowita's voice) saying “play the songs the way they deserve”. So I did. And the more I played them, the better they got... the spark still flies!"

We have uploaded 2 songs from
"Go To Hell" album: "Refugee To Beyond" and "Infernal Recruit" - you can listen to them from our player. And go to OUTRAGE MySpace page to listen to "Pact Of The Wicked" (especially if you're into early Celtic Frost!). Here is the CD track list:
1. Rigor Mortis
2. Go To Hell
3. Into The Abyss Of Belial
4. Astaroth
5. Perseus Rules
6. Infernal Recruit
7. The Inner Contract
8. Hot On The Trail
9. Slave Trader
10. Pact Of The Wicked
11. Refugee To Beyond
12. Black Metal Attack

OUTRAGE "Go To Hell" album cover

OUTRAGE "Go To Hell" album cover was drawn by Jowita Kaminska, based on Lorenzo Maitani's "The Last Judgement" bas-relief from the façade of Orvieto Cathedral (1310-1330). The CD booklet, printed in black and white with metallic silver, contains the full artwork spread over the 2 center pages.

To be one of the first to get this CD, you can pre-order
OUTRAGE "Go To Hell" from our SHOP page. As always, since our first 2010 releases, you can have it either as a regular or special tin-case edition with 2 photos. With this pre-order, lasting until November 3rd (as we won't be able to ship orders before that date) you'll get a download link for the original demo tracks from the '80s as a FREE BONUS!

OUTRAGE "Go To Hell" pre-order

There's also the third option: for the most die-hard fans of the band we have produced a strictly limited to 20 hand-numbered copies compilation tape
"Go To Hell - Demo(n)s - 1985-1987". It's available ONLY TOGETHER with the "Go To Hell" CD (for additional 3,00 Euro). The tape contains 10 songs from the band's early demos - the same songs (except for "Astaroth" and "The Inner Contract") that were now re-recorded for the album.

OUTRAGE "Go To Hell - Demo(n)s - 1985-1987" tape

Finally, check out this short promo clip we've prepared for the album - it features a fragment of
"Black Metal Attack" song.

OUTRAGE will launch "Go To Hell" album live on October 28th in Pforzheim ("Kupferdächle" club).


We're thrilled to announce that NOMAD SON jumped on one of the biggest doom metal festival's billing, HAMMER OF DOOM that takes place in Wuerzburg, Germany. They will play on Saturday, October 29th, together with Forsaken, Lord Vicar, Yet So Far, The 11th Hour, Orchid, Devil, Serpent Venom and Blood Ceremony. The day before is the "Epic Night" with Manilla Road, Doomsword, Battleroar and Mountain Throne. Definitely a festival worth traveling to - and we'll be there again of course, with our "stand of doom"!

Hammer Of Doom VI flyer

For this occasion a vinyl edition of "The Eternal Return" (originally released on CD in July 2010) will be out. Once again we've joined forces with Emanes Metal Records from France to bring this great slab of heavy molten doom on the holy vinyl. The gatefold LP layout will contain plenty of photos: live and with the band's friends and fans!

NOMAD SON "The Eternal Return" vinyl version


We're back from Germany, but still not back home. We've got with us our latest releases though, which we picked up from our German pressing plant. MELIAH RAGE "Dead To The World" and BITTER END "Have A Nice Death!" CDs have been available since July 28th (Headbangers Open Air festival).

The 7th studio full-length of the Power/Thrash Metal veterans from Boston,
MELIAH RAGE, is a hook-filled album with great melodic lines and crunchy riffs, played by seasoned musicians delivering their goods with confidence. Not as thrashy as their early stuff, but more mellow and classic US Metal oriented, with some of the darkest lyrics courtesy of Paul Souza. Still most comparable to METALLICA, METAL CHURCH, WARGASM and XENTRIX.


After 19 years the "lost" 2nd album of these technical Thrashers from Seattle, BITTER END (1991/1992 sessions) finally sees the light of day - with "Meet Your Maker" 1988 demo and 4 live tracks as bonus! Brilliant, inspired songs with attitude and clever lyrics, driven by usually upbeat, but clean and perfectly flowing riffs and adorned with virtuosic solos. A must have for fans of MEGADETH, FORCED ENTRY, ATROPHY, DEATH ANGEL and HEATHEN!


Both titles have been available form our SHOP page since the beginning of July (until now as pre-orders with free bonus stuff). As always, besides the standard editions, you can purchase the tin case editions of both albums.

MELIAH RAGE and BITTER END Special Tin Case Editions

For those who don't collect CDs: both new releases are already available through CD Baby digital distribution. For American fans: physical copies should be available through CD Baby any day now (and through Century Media Distro later on). Don't forget that you can also buy the CDs directly from the bands - they should have them within a month or so.


The 7th full-length studio album (or 8th if you count also "Unfinished Business" CD) of the US power/thrash metal veterans MELIAH RAGE "Dead To The World" will be available since July 28th, just like the new CD of BITTER END (see the news below for details).

For now you can listen to 2 songs from
"Dead To The World" album: "Where Nothing Ever Grows" and "Up In Flames" from our player. Here's the complete track list:
1. Up In Flames
2. Valley Of The Shadowless Souls
3. Skin And Bones
4. Absolute Obedience
5. Where Nothing Ever Grows
6. Never From Me
7. Cold Cruel Fate
8. Time Won't Let Me Breathe
9. Awaken Sorrow

MELIAH RAGE Dead To The World

MELIAH RAGE "Dead To The World" album cover by Jowita Kaminska

To be one of the first to get this CD, you can pre-order MELIAH RAGE "Dead To The World" from our SHOP page. You can have either it as a regular or special tin-case edition with 2 photos. With this pre-order, you'll get a download link for one unreleased song from 2003 sessions as a FREE BONUS!

But before you can have the album on CD (or as mp3s, because it will be available for downloading as well), you can buy digital single
"Cold Cruel Fate". It's available from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic and other digital stores. Check out this short promo clip we've prepared for the album and the single on our Metal On Metal Records's Channel

You can check many more promo and live clips of bands from our roster if you go to our new YouTube channel and then click on "Playlists". We have taken our time to choose "best of" for each band that had some decent material uploaded by various users on YouTube, so that you can watch selections of the songs of almost every MOMR band easily, without wasting your time searching for them on YouTube and stumbling upon sub-par quality material (of course most of the live clips are fan-filmed, so the quality is not professional, but in the chosen clips at least watchable and listenable).

MELIAH RAGE Dead To The World pre-order

MELIAH RAGE "Dead To The World" pre-order


The old/new album of the Seattle based technical thrashers BITTER END "Have A Nice Death!" is being manufactured now and will be available since July 28th (Headbangers Open Air festival). Meanwhile we've got a bunch of news...

First of all: the reunion! In the last line-up, known from "Harsh Realities" album, the line-up that also recorded the 2nd and shelved until now album. Says guitarist Russ Stefanovich:
"At present, we are excited to be rehearsing as a band as of next week. We are preparing to a local release party/show with details developing to coincide with US shipment of the new CD, a possible slot on the Warriors of Metal festival in Ohio 2k12, and making ourselves available to perform as demand dictates. We are confident that metal fans will enjoy this release, and if we can bring them the live show, we are excited to do so."

We uploaded 2 songs from
"Have A Nice Death!" CD: "Tiny Minds" and "Tunnel Vision" - check them out from our player! Here's the complete track list:
1. Tiny Minds
2. Right To Lie
3. Burning Bridges
4. No Law
5. Sludge
6. Tunnel Vision
7. Meet Your Maker (demo bonus track)
8. Save Us (demo bonus track)
9. Beat The System (demo bonus track)
10. Living Hell (demo bonus track)
11. Right To Lie (live bonus track)
12. Profits Of Doom (live bonus track)
13. Tiny Minds (live bonus track)
14. No Law (live bonus track)

Songs 1-6 are from the 1991/1992 studio sessions. Tracks 7-10 are the "Meet Your Maker" demo from 1988, digitized from the original reels. And the last 4 songs are live cuts from a 1990 show in Seattle, WA.

BITTER END Have A Nice Death!

BITTER END "Have A Nice Death!" album cover

Before you can have the album on CD (or as mp3s, because it will be also available for downloading), you can buy digital single "Burning Bridges". It's available from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic and other digital stores. Check out this short promo clip we've prepared for the album and the single.

Last but not least: you can already pre-order
BITTER END "Have A Nice Death!" CD from our SHOP page - as a regular and special tin-case (DVD format) edition with 2 photos. And everybody who pre-orders this technical thrash metal gem will get a download link for the complete and mastered live recording from 1990 (11 songs, approx. 54 min.) as a FREE BONUS!

BITTER END Have A Nice Death! pre-order

BITTER END "Have A Nice Death!" pre-order


Finally we've produced new Metal On Metal T-shirts! The design is made by Jowita, on the front, except for the drawing, it has a quote from ANVIL lyrics ("Metal on Metal / it's the only way / to hell with tomorrow / let's live for today!"), used with permission from Lips himself. And on the back, except for all MOMR bands' logos - inscription "Old School Metal or no Metal at all!". You can get yourself one for 6,00 Euro only (plus shipping: Europe: 4,50 Euro; outside of Europe: 7,00 Euro). If you buy the T-shirt, you can have 1 regular CD from our catalogue with 2 Euro discount, so it means for 10 Euro. And in the case of the "Compendium Of Metal" compilations (12 pages booklets, some exclusive songs' versions...):
- 4 Euro for the 2011
"Compendium Of Metal Vol. 4",
- 3 Euro for the 2010
"Compendium Of Metal Vol. 3",
- 2 Euro for the 2009
"Compendium Of Metal Vol. 2".
And we can add the very first compilation from 2008 for free.



"Compendium Of Metal Vol. 4" CD is also out and has 1 exclusive song (by MORTALICUM - please see the trailer on YouTube), that will not be re-recorded and published on any other album, as well as 1 previously unreleased song of BITTER END (from 1991), 1 yet unreleased elsewhere version of a MELIAH RAGE song and 2 demo versions of songs that will appear on our October releases (by FRANKENSHRED and OUTRAGE). Here's the complete tracklist:

1. HEATHENDOM "An Angel, A Demon And A Dying God" (from “The Symbolist” CD, 2011)
2. WISHDOOM "Up The Hammers" (from “Helepolis” CD, 2011)
3. CATCH 22 "Power Revolution Mad" (from “Monumetal” CD, 2011)
4. MELIAH RAGE "Invincible" (from "Barely Human Remix" CD, previously unreleased 2010 version)
5. BITTER END "No Law" (previously unreleased track from 1991)
6. FRANKENSHRED "Metal Nation" (previously unreleased track, pre-final mix)
7. BATTLERAGE "The Devil's Wings Bring Fire From Hell" (from “Blood, Fire, Steel” CD, 2009)
8. OUTRAGE "Rigor Mortis" (from “A Mute Reminder” CD, 2005)
9. MORTALICUM "Black Flame (The Sinister Priest)" (EXCLUSIVE track, 2011)
10. RAGENHEART "Child Of Rage" (from “Ragenheart” CD, 2010)
11. NOMAD SON "Winds Of Golgotha" (from "The Eternal Return" CD, 2010)
12. SKELATOR "For Death And Glory" (from "Death To All Nations" CD, 2010)
13. FALLEN ANGELS "Legacy Of Pain" (from “Engines Of Oppression” CD, 2010)

The compilation CD, released as always with an informative booklet, costs 6,00 Euro, but you can have it discounted, if you order the T-shirt or other CDs from our catalogue.

Compendium Of Metal Vol. 4 Compilation

"Compendium Of Metal Vol. 4" compilation CD

We had them already at the KEEP IT TRUE festival the previous weekend, but now we've finally added these products to the SHOP page.

4 CDs including the compilation are already out this year, so here's the release plan for the rest of 2011:

July 28th 2011 (HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR festival):

MELIAH RAGE "Dead To The World" (Power/Thrash Metal, USA) CD
BITTER END "Have A Nice Death!" (Technical Thrash Metal, USA) CD

October 28th 2011 (HAMMER OF DOOM festival):
FRANKENSHRED "Electric Axe Attack" (Traditional/Speed Metal, USA) CD
BATTLERAGE "True Metal Victory" (True Heavy Metal, Chile) CD
OUTRAGE "Go To Hell" (Old School Black/Thrash Metal, Germany) CD
NOMAD SON "The Eternal Return" (Traditional Doom Metal, Malta) LP


Our latest signing is also the oldest band on our roster. And definitely not for those who like their metal nice, melodic and with polished production. Formed in 1983 in Germany, OUTRAGE belonged to the first wave of black metal (even though black/thrash with some elements of doom and death metal would be a more accurate description of their style) - their 4 demos from the '80s were influenced by Hellhammer, Venom, Celtic Frost, Sodom and Possessed. Peers of the big 3 of the German thrash, they never "made it", instead dwelling in the underground, shrouded in obscurity, while their name was passed on by the word-of-mouth along with awfully recorded (and yet so great!) demo tapes (I happened to have one of them, "From Nightmares And Myths" from '86 since the late '80s and it's been one of the favourite demos in my collection). The band split in 1988... to return in 2004 and self-release 6 CDs. Now, back with the original vocalist Frank P. "The Voice Of Hell", they decided to re-record some of their early songs, going back to their roots.



Here's what Udo F., the founder, songwriter and guitarist of the band had to say about the start of our co-operation:
“It was on the 13th of December 2010, on the 283rd band rehearsal since our reunion in 2004, when we decided to call it quits and play our last concert on the 26th of February 2011. On the 5th of February 2011 I got an e-mail from Italy... Jowita was her name and she was writing to order all OUTRAGE stuff... What shall I say? She was also from a label, Metal On Metal Records... What started as a “fan-band” contact quickly developed into a “label-band” relationship. What a perfect timing, as we were planning to play our final show! What a great luck... it's incredible!"

It was a great timing indeed and I'm personally very happy I had finally contacted the band. After receiving the ordered CDs (the complete
OUTRAGE discography) and marathon-like listening to them for days (and heavily overdosing on them ever since), we had no doubts we want this band on our roster.



We will release their new CD "Go To Hell" in October this year. Meanwhile, head on to the OUTRAGE page on our website to read the history of the band and, if you had never heard them, go to their MySpace page: www.myspace.com/outragepforzheim to listen to several songs taken from their post-reformation CDs (some of them are however written still in the '80s).


We are happy to announce the second signing this year... This band was formed in 1985 in Seattle, WA... This makes the 4th Seattle-based band on our roster, but there's a connection indeed: Russ from MIDNIGHT IDÖLS used to play guitar in a technical thrash band BITTER END that released their debut (and only full-length) "Harsh Realities" in 1990 through Metal Blade. Russ mentioned to us the unreleased material they had recorded in 1991/92 just before the band split up. Well, we're still first and foremost pro supporting active bands, but those unreleased songs are just brilliant (better than their debut in our opinion!), so we decided to release what was recorded for their 2nd album (plus "Meet Your Maker" 1988 demo and few live tracks as a bonus), under the title "Have A Nice Death!". We thought it would be a shame for people to never get to hear those songs. What helped us in making this decision was of course the "Russ-connection" and the fact that all BITTER END members are still active as musicians and declared that they could give interviews and play some one off shows if the demand is big enough.



Here's what Chris Fox, the band's bass player said:
"When Bitter End broke up in the Summer of 1992, the members of the band never could have imagined that another release was in the cards. Nor that it would be almost 20 years coming! But now, thanks to the dogged efforts of Jowita and the Simone at Metal On Metal Records, Bitter End's unreleased last six songs will at last be commercially available, under the title "Have A Nice Death!" Audiences will get a chance to hear with fresh ears the thrash metal sounds that were coming together even as Seattle's non-metal music scene was breaking through to a global audience. The members of Bitter End - Matt, Chris, Russ and Harry - are very grateful to Metal On Metal for this release, which they hope will help to remind metal fans around the world of Seattle's importance in the history of metal music."

BITTER END "Have A Nice Death!" CD will be released in July this year, together with the new album of MELIAH RAGE. For the moment feel free to go to the BITTER END page on our website to read the band's biography and check some old photos.



You can also listen to one of the unreleased tracks,
"Tiny Minds" from the band's MySpace page: www.myspace.com/bitterendmetal. Another previously unreleased BITTER END song, "No Law" is available on our new compilation CD "Compendium Of Metal Vol. 4", which will be out this weekend at the Keep It True festival (we'll post the news with the complete tracklist after coming back home from Germany).


We are stoked to announce that MELIAH RAGE has joined our roster! They're currently finishing the work on their 7th studio album entitled "Dead To The World". We will release it in July, just in time for the band's first in 21 years visit in Europe (MELIAH RAGE will play at the Headbangers Open Air festival in Germany on July 29th).

Here's what Anthony Nichols, the band's founder, songwriter and guitarist had to say about it:
"MELIAH RAGE is pleased to announce our recent signing with Italy's own METAL ON METAL RECORDS. We look forward to working with Jowita and Simone, who have already proven to be not only die-hard metal fans themselves, but true professionals. Our new record "Dead To The World" is set to hit the streets this summer, and features the return of Paul Souza to the fold on vocals."



These US power/thrash veterans (the band started out in 1987 in Boston, MA) probably don't need much introduction, as every self-respecting metalhead knows them, but we encourage you to check the MELIAH RAGE page on our website, where you can read a very detailed biography and watch some photos from the band's archives

We've also posted here the video clip that the band filmed in December 2010.
"Halo Of Flies", originally from the classic ALICE COOPER's "Killer" album, is the first ever cover song recorded by MELIAH RAGE and it's going to be added as a bonus to the remixed version of their 2004 album, which will be entitled "Barely Human Remix" and released soon through Screaming Ferret Wreckords/Metrocity Records.



Two more bands that we have just signed (both from the '80s too) will be announced early next week, so keep your eyes peeled!


We're back from Athens and catching up with work now. Both WISHDOOM "Helepolis" and CATCH 22 "Monumetal" CDs were out last Friday, March 11th at the Up The Hammers festival, where WISHDOOM played a great gig! We also had a chance to see HEATHENDOM live on Sunday, March 13th and we can say that they've definitely refined their live show since 2008 when we saw their gig in Athens.

WISHDOOM and CATCH 22 banners

February-March 2011 releases header

We've updated our shop with the new releases, so head on to the SHOP page if you crave for some real metal! Apart from the standard editions, you can purchase the tin case editions of both albums and also get CATCH 22 "Monumetal" in bundle with "Soulreaper: Evilution/Devilution" DCD for only 20 Euro (yes, it means you practically get 3 CDs for this price!).

WISHDOOM and CATCH 22 Special Tin Case Editions

And for those who don't collect CDs: both new releases will be available through CD Baby digital distribution very soon too.


After the long wait, the new HEATHENDOM studio album "The Symbolist" is out! You can get the new masterpiece of this Greek dark power metal band as a regular CD, a special tin case edition or in a bundle with the previous releases: "Nescience" (2010 Edition) CD and/or "Heathendom" LP. Check out the offers in our SHOP!

HEATHENDOM "The Symbolist" Special Tin Case Edition

The album will be also available for digital download very soon directly from CD Baby and the authorized retailers CD Baby distributes to, that is: iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Emusic (plus several mostly streaming services like Napster, Spotify and Rhapsody). Please note that any other sites selling digital downloads of our releases are doing it ILLEGALLY, no matter what they write (in other words: if you buy from them, you'd be putting money directly to the thieves' pockets).

HEATHENDOM "The Symbolist" banner

The video clip for the title track, that we mentioned in older news, is also up now on YouTube.

HEATHENDOM was recently interviewed last weekend for EVOLUTION ROCK Metal Podcast (www.myspace.com/evolution_rock). You can listen to the episode streaming or download it from: http://evolutionrock.podomatic.com

The band will officially launch their new album live on March 13th in Athens. The show will take place in "7 Sins" club (ex-"Sin City"), with Disharmony, Solid Faith and X-piral as the support acts.

Unfortunately we have bad news too: earlier in January the Italian Post decided to raise the prices in an outrageous way (in some cases they're twice as high now!), so from now on we are forced to charge more for the shipping. However we decided to keep all already existing "1-click" prices (that is: prices for items including the shipping) listed in our shop the same.

New outrageous shipping costs


In a week from now the new album of HEATHENDOM "The Symbolist" will be out, but meanwhile we've got news about the forthcoming releases, both delayed from 2010 because of rescheduled recording sessions of the bands.

WISHDOOM "Helepolis" will be the Greek band's full-length debut, but it doesn't sound like a debut at all. They've crafted mature, complex but consistent songs with crushing riffage, stomping rhythms and mighty, deep and manly vocals. Their battle hymns are mostly mid-paced, blending epic heavy metal and some doom metal overtones, with themes that evoke the glory of ancient battles and myths. The cover art for this release was painted by Dimitar Nikolov (www.dimitarnikolov.com). "Helepolis" will shake the earth on March 11th 2011, the date which will also mark the band's live appearance at the Up The Hammers festival VI in Athens.

WISHDOOM Helepolis

WISHDOOM "Helepolis" album cover

At the same time the 5th full-length album of CATCH 22 "Monumetal" will be released. The band led by the guitarist/vocalist T.J. Berry has forged its own personal style of US power/thrash metal, not sounding like any other band, yet being heavily rooted in the '80s and '90s tradition. "Monumetal" is a very personal album with lots of passion emanating from the songs, but also with quite raw production, therefore it will be released through the RAW Metal division of Metal On Metal Records. The cover art for this CD was painted by Jowita Kaminska (www.jowita-kaminska.com).

WISHDOOM Monumetal

CATCH 22 "Monumetal" album cover

You can already listen to 2 songs of both bands from our player: WISHDOOM "Helepolis" and "Guardians Of Steel" and CATCH 22 "...And The Fire Still Burns" and "Catch 22".