We are pleased to announce that we have signed a distribution deal with CODE 7. Starting with our next release (HEATHENDOM "The Symbolist") our CDs will be available in UK in HMV chain stores as well as the biggest online stores like Amazon.co.uk and Play.com. All CDs distributed by CODE 7 are actually distributed via Plastic Head Distribution both in UK and overseas using the PHD export hub.

Code 7 distribution

Code 7 distribution

Starting the co-operation with the UK distributor was the main reason why we had to postpone the release of HEATHENDOM "The Symbolist" even further. But finally we can say it will be out on February 7th 2011.

We've also decided to do our first pre-order. From now on until January 31st you can pre-order
HEATHENDOM "The Symbolist" to ensure you will be one of the first to get it and, as a bonus, not to pay for the shipping, no matter where you are in the world! Just go to our SHOP page to send 12 Euro using PayPal and the CD will be on the way to you a few days before its release date!

HEATHENDOM The Symbolist pre-order

HEATHENDOM "The Symbolist" pre-order


We're pleased to tell you that songs of 4 of our bands have been featured on the compilation CD that came together with the latest (number 20, October-November) issue of the Polish leading metal magazine HARD ROCKER (www.hardrocker.pl) with the circulation of 10.000 copies. This compilation, entitled "Tales Of Doom", includes 11 songs of up and coming as well as legendary doom metal acts and presents a really interesting spectrum of bands playing various styles of doom metal.

NOMAD SON is featured with "The Vigil", HEATHENDOM with "Sanctified" (from the upcoming "The Symbolist" album), MORTALICUM with "Into The Night" and SESTA MARCONI with "Skeletons Party", alongside with songs of Pentagram, Death Row, The Black, Abysmal Grief, Blackland, Angel Of Damnation and Sorrows Path. The front and back cover photos were taken by Jowita Kaminska and the great as always layout done by Michal Oracz.

Tales Of Doom

"Tales Of Doom" compilation in Hard Rocker 20 (Poland), October-November 2010


We had to postpone the release of HEATHENDOM "The Symbolist" and CATCH 22 "Monumetal". HEATHENDOM's new album will be released later in November, but CATCH 22 is moved to 2011 and will be one of our first releases next year.

Meanwhile we've added to our player 2 songs from the new
HEATHENDOM album: "Black Euphoria" and "Sanctified". Check them out as well as another song, "Endistancement By The Null Position", which the band added to their MySpace page player (www.myspace.com/heathendom). The band has also recently launched their new website at www.heathendom.gr.

HEATHENDOM promo photo

HEATHENDOM promo photo

For the moment you can purchase the title song from the album
"The Symbolist" from CDBaby (www.cdbaby.com/cd/heathendom2), iTunes, Amazon MP3 and other digital stores. And also watch the cool trailer that was created by the band's guitarists, Michail Vlavianos and Lefteris Vourliotis on YouTube.

Last weekend
HEATHENDOM filmed their first professional video clip for "The Symbolist" song. The clip is being edited now... get ready to have your senses assaulted soon!

HEATHENDOM promo video single

HEATHENDOM video screenshot


The last CDs for this year, HEATHENDOM "The Symbolist" and CATCH 22 "Monumetal" will be released on October 23rd. Unfortunately the new album of WISHDOOM "Helepolis", originally scheduled for October release as well, had to be pushed to early 2011, because the band could not complete the album in time due to the obligatory military service of the band's leader George.

Meanwhile we've decided to release the 1st digital single and chose for this the title song from
HEATHENDOM's album "The Symbolist", which represents the band's style in a perfect way. You can buy it for only 0,99 USD from CD Baby.

The single is also available from Apple iTunes, Amazon MP3, Napster and other digital music retailers. You can listen to a preview of the song from our player and here's the cover art for the single:

HEATHENDOM The Symbolist single

HEATHENDOM "The Symbolist" single cover

And here's
"The Symbolist" album cover art, designed by Michail Vlavianos, the band's guitarist:

HEATHENDOM The Symbolist album

HEATHENDOM "The Symbolist" album cover

"The Symbolist", the 2nd full length album of HEATHENDOM, shows the band evolving their style. It could be best described as dark, intense and haunting power metal (and power metal of US and Scandinavian character). They shed some doom elements in favor of technical thrash elements and delved even further into the horror movie soundtrack territories, incorporating classical instrumentation into their intricate, multi-layered arrangements. Perfect production boosts this unique metal gem, highlighting every single instrument. We'll add new HEATHENDOM and CATCH 22 songs to the player here and on our MySpace page next week.

Meanwhile, if you tune in to EVOLUTION ROCK Metal Podcast (www.myspace.com/evolution_rock) this Saturday, October 9th, you will hear 2 or more of the brand new songs that will not be available online anywhere else until later next week. This podcast episode will be the part 3 of Metal On Metal Records special and will also feature interview with Jowita (the label owner) and with
SKELATOR, as well as more music from MOMR bands! Not only that, but you'll get the chance to win a CD of your choice from our catalogue if you answer one of the questions you'll hear on this episode!

EVOLUTION ROCK: Metal On Metal Special 3

EVOLUTION ROCK: Metal On Metal Special 3


We're finally back home after over a month of traveling and back in full gear! We didn't announce it earlier as we didn't have many CDs with us, but meanwhile we updated our shop with all new releases and special offers. NOMAD SON "The Eternal Return", FALLEN ANGELS "Engines Of Oppression", SKELATOR "Death To All Nations" and HEATHENDOM "Nescience" (2010 Edition), with "Haunted In Hell" song as a bonus track, are available as regular and Special Tin Case editions (with 2 exclusive photos).

NOMAD SON The Eternal Return Special Tin Case Edition

NOMAD SON "The Eternal Return" Special Tin Case Edition

NOMAD SON banner

NOMAD SON banner

FALLEN ANGELS Engines Of Oppression Special Tin Case Edition

FALLEN ANGELS "Engines Of Oppression" Special Tin Case Edition



SKELATOR Death To All Nations Special Tin Case Edition

SKELATOR "Death To All Nations" Special Tin Case Edition



HEATHENDOM Nescience (2010 Edition) Special Tin Case Edition

HEATHENDOM "Nescience" (2010 Edition) Special Tin Case Edition



Additionally to that
HEATHENDOM "Nescience" (2010 Edition) comes also as very limited (50 copies only!) Die-hard Fan Box edition: a cardboard box containing the CD, one exclusive photo and a T-shirt. The T-shirt is available in S, M, L, XL and XXL sizes, but we have last copies of the smallest and the largest ones, so if you want it, hurry up! This T-shirt ("The Dolls House" design by Jowita Kaminska) is available ONLY as a part of the Die-hard Fan Box edition and will not be reprinted.

HEATHENDOM Nescience (2010 Edition) Die-hard Fan Box

HEATHENDOM "Nescience" (2010 Edition) Die-hard Fan Box

Check our shop also for special bundle offers - you can get the new CDs cheaper if you buy them with the previous albums of the bands or with LP (in case of HEATHENDOM).

DigiMetal logo

A division of Metal On Metal Records

Except for the July physical releases, you can buy the first DigiMetal (Metal On Metal Records' division) releases: FRANKENSHRED instrumental albums re-released with bonus tracks under the titles "Into The Lab Vol. 1: Frankenshred" and "Into The Lab Vol. 2: Evil Shred" as digital downloads. You can purchase the whole albums directly from CD Baby or, if you're interested in certain songs only, you can buy single mp3s from retailers CD Baby distributes to, that is: iTunes, Napster, Emusic, MediaNet, LimeWire, GreatIndieMusic, Amazon, Spotify, Zune and MySpace Music. As mentioned in the previous news, a very limited number of physical copies of both albums will follow soon and will be available from us directly, from the band, from Century Media Distro and from CD Baby.

FRANKENSHRED Into The Lab Vol. 1: Frankenshred CD Baby button FRANKENSHRED Into The Lab Vol. 2: Evil Shred CD Baby button

FRANKENSHRED Into The Lab Vol. 1: Frankenshred banner

FRANKENSHRED "Into The Lab Vol. 1: Frankenshred" banner

FRANKENSHRED Into The Lab Vol. 2: Evil Shred banner

FRANKENSHRED "Into The Lab Vol. 2: Evil Shred banner"

July 2010 releases header


Our new releases are on the way and will be available at Bang Your Head festival (www.bang-your-head.de) to which we are going this weekend! We'll start shipping orders next week though. This time we have 4 CD releases together: 3 brand new studio albums and 1 reissue of our 2008 release... Here's the info, cover arts and new songs in the player!

The Maltese doomsters from
NOMAD SON come back (exactly 2 years after their highly acclaimed debut was released) with the sophomore album, "The Eternal Return", that will certainly further consolidate their reputation as one of the strongest and heaviest traditional doom metal bands in today's scene. Succumb to the ominous and crushing sounds of "Guilty As Sin" and "Sigma Draconis"!

NOMAD SON The Eternal Return

NOMAD SON "The Eternal Return"
(Cover art by Jowita Kaminska)

US thrashers FALLEN ANGELS have taken a huge step forward with their 2nd album, "Engines Of Oppression". Expect more technical thrash full of crafty arrangements, but still able to thrash the hell out of you with violent outbursts of pure aggression! Mastering by the legendary Harris Johns gave it the necessary finishing touch. Now thrash your brains out to "Engines Of Oppression" and "Laid To Rest"!

FALLEN ANGELS Engines Of Oppression

FALLEN ANGELS "Engines Of Oppression"
(Cover art by Dimitar Nikolov)

The infamous poser-killing warriors from SKELATOR unleash their 1st proper full-length, "Death To All Nations", after 12 years of creating buzz in the true metal underground. All those years have not tamed them down or lessened their zealous passion for epic heavy/speed metal - it's just palpable in every tune they play! So raise your fist and sing along to "The Truth" and "Circle Of Bloodshed"!

SKELATOR Death To All Nations

SKELATOR "Death To All Nations"
(Cover art by Sean McGrath)

Finally, the fantastic debut "Nescience" of the Greek power/doom metal architects HEATHENDOM gets re-issued after 2 years. The new edition does not include "War & Pain" original edition bonus track, but instead includes an almost 20-minutes insane suite "Haunted In Hell". It consists of 2 chapters: "Haunted Within" (originally from 2005 demo, but re-recorded in 2010) and its 2nd part "Hell Within" (originally from the 1st edition of "Nescience"), merged together and with additional arrangements. The same song can be found also on the vinyl-only release "Heathendom", but we thought it would be a shame not to make this masterpiece available for those who don't have turntables... You can get pretaste and a shiver down your spine listening to the excerpt from "Haunted In Hell" from our player (and another one by checking the promo video clip on the right)! The new "Nescience" (2001 Edition) comes with a slightly altered, aged and evilized, artwork.

HEATHENDOM Nescience 2001 Edition

HEATHENDOM "Nescience" (2001 Edition)
(Cover art by Jowita Kaminska)

Additionally to these CDs we're re-releasing the first 2 instrumental (or "instru-metal") albums of FRANKENSHRED, but for the moment making them available only for downloading through CD Baby and the digital stores CD Baby co-operates with (so iTunes, Napster and many more). In spite of being avid advocates of physical releases, we've decided to make these 2 albums available in the digital format, under our new division, DigiMetal. It's because we simply don't have enough space in our release plan to add more titles and besides, instrumental music for sure has a narrower audience, but these albums are just too good to be forgotten. A very limited number of physical copies will follow soon though, so stay tuned for more news about it!

DigiMetal logo

A division of Metal On Metal Records

We'd like to put our statement here... We are not big fans of instrumental albums in general. It's true that this kind of albums are mostly for other musicians, mainly guitarists. Not only many of them are pure technical show-offs being able to bore us to tears in no time, but way too often they are solo projects of guitarists who however can't find (or don't care to find) other musicians - and awful programmed drum tracks ruin the whole thing.

FRANKENSHRED "Frankenshred" (1997) and "Evil Shred" (2000), now preceded by "Into The Lab" Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 titles, are nothing like that. Well, of course you'll find plenty of shredding guitars there, but also great bass lines and powerful drums. Not a single fake thing, but genuine and fun music by highly skilled musicians that can be enjoyed also by non-musicians. Not only that, but they are METAL (rooted in traditional US metal, speed and thrash), contrary to many shredders' albums. So these are the reasons we like them so much and decided to make them available again. Meanwhile check out "The Formula" and "Evil Shred Part 2" from our player!

FRANKENSHRED Into The Lab Vol. 1: Frankenshred

FRANKENSHRED "Into The Lab Vol. 1: Frankenshred"
(Cover art by Jowita Kaminska and Simone A. Peruzzi)

FRANKENSHRED Into The Lab Vol. 2: Evil Shred

FRANKENSHRED "Into The Lab Vol. 2: Evil Shred"
(Cover art by Jowita Kaminska and Simone A. Peruzzi)


One of the greatest supporters of our label and bands, Lord Malignus, prepared part 2 of the Metal On Metal Special! This episode of his EVOLUTION ROCK Metal Podcast (www.myspace.com/evolution_rock) features some exclusive stuff, like yet unreleased songs and an interview with Jowita (that is half of our company). You can listen to the show and download it from http://evolutionrock.podomatic.com.

EVOLUTION ROCK: Metal On Metal Special 2

EVOLUTION ROCK: Metal On Metal Special 2

You can still listen to the part 1 of the Metal On Metal Special (and download it) from http://evolutionrock.podomatic.com (that episode was out on May 1st).

EVOLUTION ROCK: Metal On Metal Special 1

EVOLUTION ROCK: Metal On Metal Special 1

Lord Malignus already plans Metal On Metal Special part 3 episode, so stay tuned for more info in about a month!

We'd like to thank also US based DARKMOON RADIO (www.darkmoonradio.net, www.myspace.com/darkmoonradio) that played 48 (!) songs of our bands on the 5th, 6th and 7th of July shows!

And those who missed the interview with Erik Hansen of
FALLEN ANGELS on HEAVY METAL MAYHEM Radio show (www.myspace.com/heavymetalmayhemradioshow), June 13th, can still listen to it here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com. The interview starts at 00:26:25 marker.

To listen to the entertaining and somewhat crazy interview with Dr. Frankenshred that was live and broadcasted on THE CRAWLSPACE show (www.myspace.com/radiotombstone) on April 14th, head on to
FRANKENSHRED MySpace page. The interview is uploaded in the player, so go there and check it out!


We're pleased to let you know that several songs of our recording artists have been lately featured on compilations. MORTALICUM "Progress Of Doom" (from the just released debut album of the same title) and WISHDOOM "My Wish, Your Doom" (from the band's 2009 EP "Winds Of War") are featured among 10 other bands on the last "DOOM METAL ALLIANCE Sampler Volume 12". You can download it for free from this location: www.divshare.com. In the past NOMAD SON and SESTA MARCONI songs were featured on other DMA samplers. Ed Barnard, the man behind DOOM METAL ALLIANCE, is known in the doom metal scene for his huge dedication shown in an incredible amount of indepth reviews and interviews he's responsible for. You can read all of them on his website: www.doommantia.com and visit his MySpace pages: www.myspace.com/doommetalunion and www.myspace.com/earthdogpromotions.



WISHDOOM was also chosen with their song "Guardians Of Steel" for the "Monuments Of Steel II" compilation that came together with the current (number 17, April-May) issue of the Polish leading metal magazine HARD ROCKER (www.hardrocker.pl) with the circulation of 10.000 copies. The CD includes 15 songs of bands playing various styles of traditional metal.

Monuments Of Steel II

Monuments Of Steel II

On the first part of "Monuments Of Steel" compilation (that came together with December-January issue number 15 of HARD ROCKER magazine) a song of FRANKENSHRED "Raise Your Fist" was featured along 14 other tracks. Bart Gabriel, the magazine's founder and editor in chief, is well known for his unrelenting support for the true metal scene. Last year a compilation album of CATCH 22 featuring 14 songs was released together with HARD ROCKER magazine number 14 (October-November)

Monuments Of Steel

Monuments Of Steel


We're catching up with work after the travel, but all April releases were out according to the plan: last weekend at the KEEP IT TRUE festival (www.keep-it-true.de), which was awesome in spite of the mess caused by the volcanic ash and a few cancellations (replacement bands were even better! Omen, Emerald from Holland and Warrant from Germany ruled!). From now on you can order all the new releases (CDs, LPs and T-shirts) from our SHOP page.

"Compendium Of Metal Vol. 3" CD. Except for a selection of songs from the albums we've released, this compilation contains a few previously unreleased tracks: NOMAD SON "Empyrean Fade" (2009 live version), FALLEN ANGELS "The Gates Of Irony" (2010 rough mix), SKELATOR "Birth Of Steel" (2010 demo) and HEATHENDOM "Endistancement By The Null Position" (2010 rough mix), as well as WISHDOOM "Guardians Of Steel" (2009 EP version, self-released) and an excerpt from FRANKENSHRED's "Evil Shred Part 3" as a bonus track (taken from the 2000 "Evil Shred" album, which we'll soon re-release digitally). This CD comes with an 8-page booklet full of info and photos and costs only 6 Euro (that for 74 minutes of brain-melting metal!)! And if you still don't have the 2009 compilation ("Compendium Of Metal Vol. 2"), you can get both CDs together for 7 Euro only!

VV.AA. Compendium Of Metal Vol. 3

VV.AA. "Compendium Of Metal Vol. 3" back cover



MORTALICUM "Progress Of Doom" CD. This doom-rocking debut album has a raw and genuine sound to it and should make many heads bang 'cause their music ranges from slow to up-tempo, high-energy metal with really catchy grooves! If you're into '70s and '80s flavoured doomy heavy metal, this one's for you! We've made it available also as a special "collectors' edition": in a tin-case, which contains the booklet and the inlay card from the regular edition and additionally 2 exclusive photos! It costs 15 Euro (that is 3 Euro more than the standard edition).

MORTALICUM Special Tin Case Edition

MORTALICUM Special Tin Case Edition



RAGENHEART "Ragenheart" CD. The music on this debut is intense and versatile, with a usually dark and epic mood, full of remarkable melodies, superb performance by every musician, including the outstanding singer, and topped with solid production. Fans of heavy/power with some prog metal and hard rock touches will not want to miss it! Also this CD is available as the limited tin-case edition with 2 exclusive photos.

RAGENHEART Special Tin Case Edition

RAGENHEART Special Tin Case Edition



HEATHENDOM "Heathendom" LP. As mentioned before: this is (and will be) a VINYL only release. Songs on side A (1-5) are taken from the highly acclaimed and sought-after 2005 demo, while the song on side B ("Haunted In Hell") consists of 2 parts: "Chapter I: Haunted Within" (newly re-recorded song from the demo) and "Chapter II: Hell Within" (from "Nescience" debut CD), finally brought together and served as an almost 20-minutes insane suite that can send shivers down your spine and make you leave the light on in the room for the night... This is an early power/doom metal gem, a must for all HEATHENDOM fans who are also vinyl collectors!

We've added
"A Poem By Rote" and an excerpt from "Haunted In Hell" to our player. Additionally, check out the promo video clip edited my Michail Vlavianos, guitarist of HEATHENDOM. It's up right below the music player!





NOMAD SON T-shirt. After the DOOM SHALL RISE and KEEP IT TRUE festivals we've got only 17 T-shirts left (in S, M, L and XL sizes), so hurry up if you want one! You can have it for 15 Euro plus shipping. All items have been added to our SHOP page - don't forget to check out the special bundle offers to save up some cash!

Nomad Son T-Shirt

NOMAD SON T-Shirt in action!

20-04-2010 >>> 2010 RELEASE SCHEDULE.

We're getting ready for the KEEP IT TRUE festival (www.keep-it-true.de) on April 23rd and 24th where we'll have a small stand for selling our stuff! And we can finally announce our 2010 release schedule (more details coming in the following news):

April 23rd 2010 (KEEP IT TRUE festival):
VV.AA. "Compendium Of Metal Vol. 3" (15 MOMR bands, 16 songs, 74 minutes) half price CD
MORTALICUM "Progress Of Doom" (Doom/Heavy Metal/Hard Rock, Sweden) CD
RAGENHEART "Ragenheart" (Heavy/Power Metal/Hard Rock, Greece) CD
HEATHENDOM "Heathendom" (Power/Doom Metal, Greece) LP
"Heathendom" will be a vinyl only release of HEATHENDOM's 2005 demo with an additional song, brought out in cooperation with Danny Angus/PARIAH CHILD (www.myspace.com/pariahchild).

May 25th 2010:
FRANKENSHRED “Into The Lab Vol. 1: Frankenshred”
FRANKENSHRED “Into The Lab Vol. 2: Evil Shred”
Both albums are in US Power/Speed/Thrash Metal style (with loads of shredding obviously!) and will be available in a digital format with a very limited number of physical copies. These will be re-releases of FRANKENSHRED's 1997 and 2000 instrumental albums with bonus tracks.

July 16th 2010 (BANG YOUR HEAD festival):
NOMAD SON "The Eternal Return" (Traditional Doom Metal, Malta) CD
FALLEN ANGELS "Engines Of Oppression" (Thrash Metal, USA) CD
SKELATOR "Death To All Nations" (Epic Heavy/Speed Metal, USA) CD
HEATHENDOM "Nescience" (Power/Doom Metal, Greece) CD reissue
"Nescience" reissue will not include "War & Pain" bonus track from the original release, but instead a newly re-recorded song from the demo, "Haunted Within", will be added before "Hell Within" (that was as a matter of fact its second part) and merged together with it into a 20-minutes suite ("Haunted In Hell"), the same as on the "Heathendom" LP.

October 23rd 2010 (HAMMER OF DOOM festival):
HEATHENDOM "The Symbolist" (Power/Doom Metal, Greece) CD
WISHDOOM "Helepolis" (Epic Heavy/Doom Metal, Greece) CD
CATCH 22 "Monumetal" (Power/Thrash Metal, USA) CD

And here are the covers of our first 2010 releases:

VV.AA. Compendium Of Metal Vol. 3

VV.AA. "Compendium Of Metal Vol. 3"

MORTALICUM Progress Of Doom

MORTALICUM "Progress Of Doom"


RAGENHEART "Ragenheart"


HEATHENDOM "Heathendom" vinyl

18-04-2010 >>> NOMAD SON T-SHIRT.

We've got the first band T-shirt produced: NOMAD SON "First Light" design. Great quality 8-colour print of the detail from their debut album cover looks really good on it!

Nomad Son T-Shirt


It had its "debut" on Saturday April 10th at DOOM SHALL RISE (www.doomshallrise.de) where
NOMAD SON played an impressive show in front of circa 600 doom fanatics. The T-shirts will be available at our merch stand at KEEP IT TRUE festival (www.keep-it-true.de) on April 23rd and 24th. After that you will be able to order them from our online shop.

Nomad Son at Doom Shall Rise 01
Nomad Son at Doom Shall Rise 02

NOMAD SON at Doom Shall Rise festival


Today one of the coolest radio shows features one of our bands again! This time it will be FRANKENSHRED. Dr. Frankenshred will call DJ Tombstone on THE CRAWLSPACE show (www.myspace.com/radiotombstone) at 8 p.m. Pacific Time (that is 4 a.m. GMT, April 15th). The show is broadcasted from 6 to 10 p.m. Pacific Time and you can listen to it streaming from http://takilmafm.com. Their interviews are always improvised and uncensored - and the Doctor is always very entertaining, so don't miss it!

The Crawlspace

The Crawlspace

This Friday, April 16th, FRANKENSHRED will be a featured band on the great EVOLUTION ROCK podcast - "Masters Of Shred Episode 7" (www.myspace.com/evolution_rock). There will be an interview with Dr. Frankenshred and a preview of the last album, "Cauldron Of Evil". Additionally SKELATOR will be featured in the same episode as a guest band. Lord Malignus has already played our bands' songs in several "Assorted Collections" - and two MOMR special episodes are in the works!

Masters Of Shred

Masters Of Shred

And those who missed the interview with Jimmy Herrera of BRUTAL HAND on HEAVY METAL MAYHEM radio show (www.myspace.com/heavymetalmayhemradioshow), February 14th, can still listen to it here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com. The interview starts at 01:03:14 marker (and is preceeded by the song "Karma" at 00:58:27).

More news about Metal On Metal Records specials and interviews coming soon, so stay tuned!

Heavy Metal Mahyem

Heavy Metal Mahyem


Finally we can announce the last 2 bands that we have signed for this year's releases!

The first one comes from the northern lands and proves the quality of Swedish traditional doom metal. One listen to just one song from their MySpace and we knew we'd stumbled across a remarkable band. We wanted to hear more and when we did, we had no doubts left.
MORTALICUM's music sounds so honest and natural that it seems like they were born playing it! They blend doom with good old heavy metal and '70s hard rock, having songs ranging from slow to high-energy bangers, always catchy and melodic, but with a really heavy and raw sound. So, their music is definitely not only for the genre's purist followers. Their debut "Progress Of Doom" will make many heads bang, especially those into BLACK SABBATH, GRAND MAGUS, RAINBOW, ASTRAL DOORS, DEEP PURPLE, IRON MAN, WALL OF SLEEP...



And the most recent addition to our roster, Greek
RAGENHEART won us over with their superbly played melodic heavy/power metal with some prog metal elements, rooted in hard rock. They had released only 1 demo (in 2006), which garnered enthusiastic reviews from all over the world. Since then they've become a much tighter band and perfected their sound, so the debut album "Ragenheart" offers versatile and passionate music with a usually dark and epic mood, remarkable melodies, fantastic singer with great emotion and range and excellent performance by every musician, topped with clean and solid production. Their music should appeal to fans of CONCEPTION, RAINBOW, MAGNITUDE 9, DIO, EVERGREY, HEIR APPARENT, MYSTIC FORCE, CRIMSON GLORY, WHITESNAKE...



Both CDs will be released and available at the KEEP IT TRUE festival, on April 23rd. For the moment, please check MORTALICUM page and RAGENHEART page on our website and listen to their 4 songs that we've added to our player! Don't forget to visit also their MySpace pages for more music: www.myspace.com/mortalicum and www.myspace.com/ragenheart!

Tomorrow we're going to Germany to DOOM SHALL RISE (www.doomshallrise.de) festival where
NOMAD SON will play on Saturday, April 10th! We'll be back after the relaxing, doom-filled weekend!


It's time to let everybody know about our new signing and introduce the new member of the MOMR family... As we often say: to sign a new band we have to be totally blown away by their music - and such was the case with WISHDOOM, a young band from Thessaloniki, Greece.

Their self-released "Winds Of War" EP from last year is about the best epic heavy metal we've heard since we discovered DOOMSWORD years ago and yes, while we wouldn't call it doom metal, their music is definitely doom-tinged, a perfect blend of both styles. Their usually mid-paced battle hymns sound mature and complex, displaying versatility, but never going astray. Crushing, memorable riffs, stomping rhythms, excellent singer with masculine and passionate voice, themes evoking the glory of the ancient Greek battles and myths...

It's all there, topped with great production. Fans of the aforementioned DOOMSWORD need to check them out, as there's perhaps no other band that came so close to their style, but if you love MANILLA ROAD, Viking era BATHORY, early MANOWAR, WARLORD, PRIMORDIAL, OLD SEASON, BATTLEROAR, HOLY MARTYR or BATTLE RAM, these Greeks' music will be right up your alley too!
WISHDOOM's debut album "Helepolis" will see the light of day in October this year. We really can't wait for it to be unleashed to the world!

Meanwhile feel free to check WISHDOOM page for more info and go to the band's MySpace page to hear a preview of their 1st demo "Up The Hammers" and the EP "Winds Of War" (from which some songs will be on the full length CD) and ask them for the add if you like what you hear! You can also listen to
"Guardians Of Steel" song from our player here.



From other news: we've just created a page on Facebook (may be the sign that the end of the world is near...). So well, all friends of good music: join us there!

Metal On Metal Records on Facebook

14-01-2010 >>> RADIOS THAT ROCK - PART 2.

We wanted to take a few minutes to thank all DJs from internet and FM radios supporting us and our bands! First of all big thanks go out to Thorsten Linnenbank, the host of MESHUGGENER'S METAL PODCAST, a German podcast (in English language), who has prepared a "METAL ON METAL Records Special". The episodes number 36 and 37 presenting all bands signed to our label are just out and you can listen to them from http://www.meshuggener.de/mmp.rss (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Meshuggener's Metal Podcast

Meshuggener's Metal Podcast

A special mention and "thank you" goes to Yamna Castellanos who's been presenting 2 of our bands (with 2 songs of each) in the past 7 episodes (50-56) of FAN METAL SHOW. The podcast is in Spanish and you can find it also on: Metal Head Radio, Radio Ugly, MetaLfree Radio and Wild Child Radio.

Fan Metal Show

Fan Metal Show

Our appreciation is extended to the DJs who have recently played songs of Metal On Metal bands: Lord Malignus @ Evolution Rock podcast, DJ Powermaker @ True Metal Radio Show and DJ SpeedKing @ The Wake Up Dead Morning Show (both on Hard Rock Radio Live), Robert Kudler @ Metal Maniaxe Radio, Tom @ Foundry Of Doom Radio, Janet @ Abysmal Torment Radio, DJ Evil Joker @ Metal Mayhem show, Sidney @ Metal Invasion podcast (F.K.U. "Where Moshers Dwell", BATTLERAGE "Blood, Fire, Steel" and just today FRANKENSHRED "Cauldron Of Evil" were chosen as the albums of the week in podcasts number 87, 90 and 101), DJ Mike "The Big Cheese" @ Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio show, Georg Lögler @ Rock Of Ages show, Rich Embury @ Pure Rock Radio, Noel @ Danger Zone show, Jose Antonio @ Senderos del Rock show, Simon Lukic @ Musically Incorrect show, DJ Beerman @ Top Rock Radio, Ron @ Das Hard Rock Radio, Tony @ Analog Nation Radio program, Uwe Wessel @ Radio-Paranoid, Uwe Harms @ Radio Gehacktes and all other DJs who asked us for the songs, but haven't sent any playlists or links yet.

And very special thanks to Bill Peters @ METAL ON METAL show and Tombstone @ THE CRAWLSPACE show for their undying support and dedication!

There are also upcoming interviews (the exact dates still to be confirmed): with
BRUTAL HAND by DJ Mike "The Big Cheese" @ HEAVY METAL MAYHEM Radio show in February, with FRANKENSHRED by Lord Malignus @ EVOLUTION ROCK podcast "MASTERS OF SHRED Episode 7" in early March and still to be confirmed interviews with our other bands by DJ Evil Joker @ METAL MAYHEM show on Metal Head Radio. More info coming soon!

You can find the full list of radios that played songs of our bands in the links on our website. There are 65 links now! We wish you all a great rockin' METAL New Year!